Lower 48 Studios first began seeing professional success around 2000. With natural talent and the drive to make a difference, Lower 48 Studios overcame countless obstacles on our way up by working hard every day in order to keep our musical dream alive.

We are experts in Music and Film Production and we have in house film crew, musicians, studio staff such as sound engineers, musicians, producer and songwriter.

Lower 48 Studios has also a close collaboration with Entertainment & Media Management a Casting Agency and artist services of varies kind. We also work with composers, directors, musicians etc all over the world. One of our closest collaborator is songwriter John Arthur Lewis. Lewis-composer.

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The band Animal Park was founded by the two members John Arthur Lewis and Joel Rapi in 1987. They became good friends while working extra in a restaurant just north of Stockholm. Their common interest for music was the start of a long friendship and songwriting.

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